Results. On, and off, the bike.


Ann, or “Trailmaster Trombley,”  is passionate about  helping others enjoy and excel in their sport.  With her background of movement education and physical therapy, she propels athletes to their peak potential.  Ann knows that in order to excel, athletes need to harness  their enthusiasm as a motivator to train rigorously. Her own love for the sport and her  advanced skill set make her an invaluable asset in your training plan.   

Ann’s method of teaching involves laughter, fun and a good deal of grit.  She also recognizes that people have different learning styles and ability levels so she works closely with you to craft a program that will help you to overcome the barriers that could be hampering your ability to reach your goals. Her approach is not just to support the athlete, but the individual behind that training as well.   Using positive feedback, close communication and utilization of power meters and heart rate monitors, Ann can tailor a training or skills program that works for each athlete, no matter the skill level or intent.

Ann specializes in coaching and skills training for mountain biking and cyclocross athletes. She is especially enthusiastic about recruiting women and juniors to the sport and helping them to reach their potential.

Upcoming Skills Clinics

Women's MTB skills clinic's coming to Lyon's in 2018!  First session starting May 8th! Check out Ann's Skills page for more information.  Or contact Ann to build your own clinic.