Women in Sports Enrichment

Women in Sports Enrichment (WISE), started by Ann Trombley in 2015, was born out of the necessity to support women who compete.   Female athletes can face difficulties in regards to financial support, and without such support these athletes are often forced to leave competition in order to pursue sustainable work. Women In Sports Enrichment (WISE) is a non-profit organization that provides grants to female athletes and female teams.

By helping women excel in their sport, we give them an opportunity to build strength, confidence, discipline and a strong work ethic. Grants can assist athletes with the costs of equipment, training, travel and entry fees. By  allowing these athletes to continue to train and compete, we create women who are ready for the challenges in life . In fact, a survey of 400 female corporate executives found that 94% played a sport and 61% say it contributed to their career success!

For more information on WISE please visit womeninsportsenrichment.org or email ann@helpwomenrace.org


From Tiziana Dehorney, WISE Grant Recipient


Racing, to me, is so much more than just a sport or a competition. Racing is about pushing yourself to your limits, learning to function under stress and perform under pressure, learning about self-discipline, about how to trust a process, and how to learn from your mistakes. Never has this been more apparent to me than this last fall semester in school, when I applied to the highly competitive athletic training program at the University of New Mexico. The semester was filled with many stressful interviews, entrance exams, and high expectations. While many turned away from the application process or cracked under the pressure, I felt I was able to thrive, as I was confident in myself and my ability to put in the work needed to succeed. At one point in time, I remember saying to myself, “If I can climb up Skull Valley halfway through a 50 mile race, I can finish this project."