Skills Clinics

Just as a house must be supported by a strong foundation, you, as skilled rider, must be able to rely on your key foundational skills.  Skills clinics help you to develop these basic, but essential, techniques.  From there we move on to more intermediate and advanced skills that enable you to shred the trails or conquer the roads!

→ Body positioning

→ Braking

→ Front wheel lift and rear wheel lift

→ Climbing

→ Descending

→ Cornering

Coach Ann always considers the ability level of each rider and customizes her teaching accordingly. Everyone learns differently and it is her job to analyze each athlete and guide him/her to new heights. She enlists the use of as many of your senses as possible to help you dial in your experience on the bike.  And she also recognizes that although this is a learning experience, riding a bike is incredibly fun and humor is an important part of the learning process.

Skills rides and clinics can be for an individual who needs more intensive attention or for a group. Group clinics  can be a good method of learning, as many athletes learn from others and are willing to push themselves further when riding with others.

Ann offers skills rides/clinics for you, your team or your friends:

  1. One-on-one skills, training and/or tactical rides are $100 per hour, minimum of 1.5 hour sessions

  2. Group skills clinics, up to 10 riders per clinic: $150 per hour, minimum of 1.5 hour sessions. These rides are organized by the group but  Coach Ann facilitates the clinic/ ride. 


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