About Ann

Ann began mountain bike riding in the hills of Marin County in 1984. Prior to that she had been riding her mom’s oversized 10 speed that wasn’t quite suited for the trails. A friend, who recognized Ann’s ability, solicited her friends and family to pool together and purchase her a mountain bike. That great act of kindness led Ann down a path that would forever change her life.

After 10 years of  learning to ride with her friends, Ann finally got the nerve up to race. At the age of 29, while attending school in Colorado to be a physical therapist,  another friend coerced her  into racing. In 1994, she won the first mountain bike race she entered in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado

Ann turned Pro in 1996 and immediately  garnered impressive results on the national circuit which  earned her a berth on the US Mountain Bike Championship Team. She secured a spot for Worlds each year until 2000. Most impressive, in 2000, Ann became  one of  only three women to qualify and compete at the Sydney Olympics.  That same year, Ann was ranked 2nd in the National series for Cross Country and  became the National Champion for Short Track.

Despite Ann's impressive accomplishments, she never gained the much coveted and rare support of a salaried contract. While her toughest competitors had their way paid, Ann worked between races and received support from her family members.   This experience fueled her passion to coach and support female cyclists.

Her history as a physical therapist, realistic attitude and unwavering work ethic are what make her a fantastic coach. She understands firsthand what it takes to win, as well as what is needed  to balance training and all of life's other challenges.


Athletic Accolades

  • 2013/14 US National Cyclocross Masters National Champion (50-54)
  • U.S. OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN BIKE TEAM 2000 - 16th place
  • U.S. Mountain Bike Championship Team 1996-2000
  • 2000 NORBA National Short Track Champion
  • 2000 NORBA National Mountain Bike Series (cross country) - 2nd Overall
  • 2000 World Cup ranking - 15th Overall
  • 1999 NORBA National Mountain Bike Series - 3rd Overall


M.S. degree in Physical Therapy. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO.
B.A. degree in Movement Education. Dominican College, San Rafael, CA.
Certified Elite level Cycling Coach from USA Cycling

Certifications and Boards

USA Cycling Board member 2000-2004
BRAC Board memeber 2005-2010
Boulder Junior Cycling 2007-2014 Founder and Board member



Ann's Book

Ride faster and smarter than ever before! Olympian, former national champion, and elite cycling coach Ann Trombley is your authoritative guide to improved:

  • technical maneuvers that maximize speed and safety
  • training methods and workouts that yield superior results
  • racing preparations and tactics that make competition more rewarding and more successful
  • selection and fitting of equipment

Serious Mountain Biking gives you the answers to the questions, and solutions to the problems, you have encountered while participating in the sport. No need to continue learning by trial and error when such experience and expertise are at your fingertips. Make every minute and mile you invest on the bike more beneficial and enjoyable with the help of Ann Trombley, your invaluable mountain biking resource. Purchase here.

Speaking Engagements

Ann Trombley is available for speaking engagements covering topics such as building a training plan, balancing training and work, bike fit and maintenance, goal reaching and more.

Ann's wealth of knowledge and infectious positive attitude keeps the attention of children and adults alike. As a Physical Therapist, Ann is excellent at breaking down difficult concepts into manageable ideas and explaining information in a variety of ways. Ann's experience as an elite athlete who worked and supported herself while attaining a spot on the Olympic team grounds her in the reality of the working athlete. Drawing from her own experience, as well as her years of coaching others, Ann is an expert on setting goals, attaining them, and motivating to push through the difficulties that arise along the way.